A new and innovative Online Encyclopedia

Online Encyclopedia dedicated to New Caledonian mollusks,
made by shell collectors for shell collectors !

It is a new concept of encyclopedia, based on your knowledge and your participation. The more you are going to participate, the better and most complete this enclyclopedia is going to be. Credit will be given to all the participants and their names will be obviously associated to all texts and images supplied.

The aim of such a database, is to include the maximum updated and accurate information available for each specie and subspecie that live in the New Caledonian waters, using pictures and texts.

Also it will be a very effective tool to identify and better understand New Caledonian mollusk fauna on a shell collector point of view.

For each specie and subspecie you will find :

- Actual classification
- Author
- Habitat description
- Maximum and minimum registered sizes
- Average market value
- Pictures of specimens from your collection.
- Pictures of live animals
- Articles dedicated to New Caledonian species, including some direct links to other articles refering to the specie or subspecie on the net.
- A direct link to our online boutique where you can find similar specimen(s) for your own collection
- Plus an amazing and very innovative localising map based on google earth. Very usefull to better understand how shell populations are distributed all around New Caledonia.


just log in with your current login and password and have a look at our database, with pictures, info, etc... please do not hesitate to comment and to contact us.

TO PARTICIPATE : If you have shells from New Caledonia in your collection or/and you have been diving and collecting shells in New Caledonia, and want to share your own experience, texts, pictures by adding it to the encyclopedia, please click to the following button : PARTICIPATE


Also if you like the concept and want to develop your own dedicated encyclopedia to another specific area, please contact us as we can supply you at a very competitive price, the program and a technical support to make your own.

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Thank you for your support !